About Plopcorn

What is PLOPCORN I hear you ask?

Well, at it’s core it’s about B movies.  You get a film with a low budget, lead actors that are not so well known, a couple of brilliant cameos and some questionable effects.

These types of movies have all come back to prominence over the last few years with the arrival of films like Robocroc, Sharknado (1 thru 5) and The Greasy Strangler.  They are often either straight to DVD or hidden away on late night TV channels like Sy-Fy and the Horror Channel necessitating that you set the program to record to watch at your own leisure.

The PLOPCORN crew get together monthly to watch a film, eat pizza and generally have  great laugh at the quality of these films in the hope that we can enlighten you all into watching a genuine gem of a film.

Check out our blog of films we’ve watched and let us know if there’s any we’ve missed on our contact page.

Happy Viewing!